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Drawing by David Best

  • ClickAndPledge (tax deductible) fundraising campaign for the 2016 temple!
  • Pictures of the build in progress on this Facebook page.

    We are building the temple for Burning Man 2016. The temple this year will be 100' tall, 50'x50' interior, with 100'x100' sheltered roof, and an additional 100' in a walled courtyard. It will be built in the tradition of David Best temples, but with a significant departure from his usual style - this temple will be hand-built without CNC cut materials. It will be extremely ornate, with a large interior altar and a large chandelier. This temple will take on an ancient air, patina'ed with organic water-based stains, and look as if it were built hundreds of years in the past.

    There will be 8 altars placed around the courtyard, which is walled off to create a protected, quiet, respectful space. The interactivity will be the usual function of the Burning Man temple: it will be a place for the community to come and express their emotions, reflect on the losses of friends and family members, and celebrate the lives of people around them. The temple will be built with the consideration of the community, with adequate space to accommodate the needs of people in the temple and the surrounding courtyard for reflection, safety and privacy. As always, it will be wheelchair-accessible.

    (Please help make the temple come to life! We still need additional donations to have sufficient funds to construct the Temple at Burning Man this year. The Kickstarter is now finished but you can make tax deductible donations to the Temple online via clickandpledge: Donations go directly to materials to build the temple. Burning Man partially funds this project, but we rely on your help to meet the budget for construction. Thank you for helping make this happen!)

    Derry Temple (2015) : This temple was built in Derry, Northern Ireland as a symbol of peace and unification. It was built in conjunction with the Artichoke Trust.
    (Image (c) Bill Codding)

    The Temple of Grace (2014) : The Temple of Grace was constructed at Burning Man 2014.
    (Image (c) Rod Hoekstra)

    The Temple of Juno (2012) : The Temple of Juno was constructed at Burning Man 2012.
    (Image (c) Spencer Jones)

    The Temple of Remembrance (2012) : The Temple of Remembrance was built in cooperation with the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation on the grounds of the Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, California.
    (Image Scott Hess)

    Broad Street Bridge: Bicentennial Towers (2012) : (link 1) (link 2) Four unique 1,000-pound sculptures were installed on the pedestals of the Broad Street Bridge, on the western edge of downtown Columbus Ohio; built with The Columbus Foundation.
    (Image Bill Coker)

    The Detroit Dream Project (2008) : The Detroit Dream Project was built in the Brightmoor / Old Redford neighborhood of Detroit.

    Temple of Forgiveness (2007) : The Temple of Forgiveness was constructed at Burning Man 2007.
    (Image Scott London)

    Temple of Hope (2006) : The Temple of Hope was constructed at Burning Man 2006. (Artist Mark Grieve)

    Temple of Dreams (2005) : The Temple of Dreams was constructed at Burning Man 2005. (Artist Mark Grieve)

    Hayes Green Chapel (2005) : The Hayes Green Chapel was a public art project built on the Green at Octavia and Hayes Street in San Francisco, with support from The San Francisco Arts Commission and The Black Rock Arts Foundation .

    San Rafael Chapel (2005) : The San Rafael Chapel was constructed in a neighborhood of San Rafael, CA.

    Temple of Stars (2004) : The Temple of Stars was constructed at Burning Man 2004.

    Temple of Honor (2003) : The Temple of Honor was constructed at Burning Man 2003.

    Temple of Joy (2002) : The Temple of Joy was constructed at Burning Man 2002.

    Temple of Tears (2001) : The Temple of Tears was constructed at Burning Man 2001.

    Temple of the Mind (2000) : The Temple of the Mind was the project that began it all. It was constructed at Burning Man 2000. It became a memorial to one of our crew that was lost just prior to the event, and as such became a sacred space for remembering others.
    (Image Jim Provenzano)

  • New Stuff (more on news page):

    2016-Mar We're building the temple for Burning Man 2016.
    2015-Feb We're building a temple in Northern Ireland as a symbol of unification.
    2014-May We're building another B-Man temple: Grace.
    2013-Apr Info on the Voigt foundation Temple of Remembrance.
    2012-Nov New Juno pages up: photos, press/video
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