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2016-08-08 by bill c.
Our pre-playa work parties in Petaluma are finished for the year, and we're heading out to the desert to build the temple.

2016-03-12 by bill c.
Once again, we're building the Temple at Burning Man for 2016! Stay tuned to our mailing list for more info on when the crew will form and work will start.

2014-05-29 by bill c.
We've signed the contract to build the Temple again this year at Burning Man 2014. It will be called "The Temple of Grace". Stay tuned to our mailing list for info on work parties starting soon.

2012-09-07 by bill c.
We're back from the desert! Juno was amazing. Built and burned in style, no significant injuries. It was very well-received.

2012-07-27 by bill c.
A second Kickstarter campaign is now live. We've had to go back in for a second round of funding to cover the expenses of transportation, panel cutting, and some other aspects of the construction that have run over budget. Please spread the word to help raise the balance.

Also, the kind folks at the gamelatron are running a fundraiser for the temple on Saturday July 28!!

2012-06-28 by bill c.
Our Kickstarter campaign completed successfully! Thank you everyone who donated, and is helping make this temple a reality!

2012-06-11 by bill c.
Work parties for the Temple of Juno are now scheduled for every weekend, Sat. and Sun. at 10am until we leave for the desert on 8/10, at the NEW new workspace in Windsor - details on the contact page.

2012-05-14 by bill c.
We just lauched our Kickstarter fundraising campaign to (hopefully!) complete the funding of the temple for this year; Burning Man only partially funds honorarium projects, it's up to us to raise the balance.

2012-04-19 by bill c.
Work party kickoff: Noon, Sunday April 22. The first work party will be at our workspace in Petaluma - details on the contact page.

2012-03-22 by bill c.
The Burning Man organization has graciously decided to accept our proposal to build the Temple this year at the event! Stay tuned to the mailing list for more information.

2012-01-08 by bill c.
Our new website is here!

2011-11-01 by bill c.
We are applying for a grant to build the 2012 temple at Burning Man. More info will be broadcast on the mailing list when we know more.
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