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The Temple at BurningMan 2016

Image (c) David Best


The Temple Crew built the temple for Burning Man 2016. The temple was 100' tall, 50'x50' interior, with 100'x100' sheltered roof, and an additional 100' in a walled courtyard. It was built in the tradition of David Best temples, but with a significant departure from his usual style - this temple was hand-built without CNC cut materials. It was extremely ornate, with a large interior altar and a large chandelier. This temple took on an ancient air, patina'ed with organic water-based stains, and looked as if it were built hundreds of years in the past.

There were 8 altars placed around the courtyard, which was walled off to create a protected, quiet, respectful space. The interactivity was the usual function of the Burning Man temple: it was a place for the community to come and express their emotions, reflect on the losses of friends and family members, and celebrate the lives of people around them. The temple was built with the consideration of the community, with adequate space to accommodate the needs of people in the temple and the surrounding courtyard for reflection, safety and privacy. As always, it was wheelchair-accessible.
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